David & Christin | Jonesborough Wedding

David and Christin were married at the Blackthorn Club in Jonesborough, TN on a beautiful June evening. David is stationed in Georgia while Christin finishes her education, making the first year of their marriage a little untraditional, but these two were meant to be together and have already traveled across the Atlantic to be together. (I love that story!) I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this couple!

Vendors: Annie’s Room, River Gardens Inc., Men’s Wearhouse, Venture Productions, Petite Sweets.

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Julianna & Logan: Symphony Ball 2015

It may have been a rainy evening but that didn’t stop these two adorable teens from enjoying their photo session before going to the Symphony Ball. The flowers and location were perfect and Logan surprised Julianna with a special friendship ring.  Their excitement, enthusiasm and pure joy to be with one another made this one of the best sessions ever! Both moms didn’t really want to be photographed but I thought recording them on this special event was important. First love. The one you will never forget. And, who knows? Anything can happen. I am proof of that – I ended up marrying my first love (years later)!

SymphonyBall-1 SymphonyBall-2 SymphonyBall-4 SymphonyBall-6 SymphonyBall-7 SymphonyBall-9 SymphonyBall-11 SymphonyBall-12 SymphonyBall-14 SymphonyBall-15 SymphonyBall-17 SymphonyBall-18 SymphonyBall-19 SymphonyBall-21 SymphonyBall-22 SymphonyBall-24 SymphonyBall-25 SymphonyBall-28 SymphonyBall-30 SymphonyBall-31 SymphonyBall-33 SymphonyBall-34 SymphonyBall-35 SymphonyBall-37