Fillers’ Family

Photography has enabled me to meet so many wonderful people and this couple is no exception. Knowing that they participated in the auction in support of The Lunch Box Program was enough for me to know that before I met them. I was asked to donate a session for a fundraiser for The Lunch Box Program which provides a FREE hot, nutritious lunches to area children and teens during the summer months. Many youth receive only one hot lunch a day and that is at school. A program that provides for them when school is not in session is extremely necessary and I encourage you to visit their page and donate or volunteer. The Filler’s, along with two of their four grandchildren and baby, ChaCha, met with me at beautiful Laurel Run Park in Church Hill, TN for this session. The other two grandchildren live in Maryland but I know they would have been there too if they lived closer. They are the grandparents that any kid would want to hang out with! FillersFamily-1 FillersFamily-2 FillersFamily-3 FillersFamily-5 FillersFamily-6 FillersFamily-7 FillersFamily-8 FillersFamily-11 FillersFamily-12 FillersFamily-14 FillersFamily-15 FillersFamily-16 FillersFamily-17 FillersFamily-19 FillersFamily-21 FillersFamily-23 FillersFamily-24 FillersFamily-26