Look Who’s Two!

This is my third time photographing this little cutie with her family, beginning with her first Christmas, 1st birthday and now her 2nd birthday. I cannot say how very much I love repeat clients because I get to watch their children grow. The changes between age one and two are great as personalities emerge and babies become toddlers. Her faces are so priceless!6E5B0387 6E5B0418 6E5B0436 6E5B0446 6E5B0457 6E5B0465 6E5B0482 6E5B0511 6E5B0538 6E5B0610 6E5B0614 6E5B0647 6E5B0652 6E5B0662 6E5B0673 6E5B0679 6E5B0708 6E5B0732 6E5B0738 6E5B0765 6E5B0767 6E5B0798 6E5B0817