Family, Maternity

Nate & ‘Tasha’s Family

Getting photographs made while they were still a family of three was important to Tasha and just 3 1/2 weeks later their baby girl was born. Check back later for some photos of her!


Family, Maternity

Humphries Family | Maternity

Meeting this family and sharing in the joy of their growing family was amazing. The tea set is a family heirloom and I love the special touch that it brought to the session. Somebody is going to be such a great big sister!

Humphries-1 Humphries-3 Humphries-4 Humphries-5 Humphries-7 Humphries-8 Humphries-9 Humphries-11 Humphries-13 Humphries-14 Humphries-16 Humphries-17 Humphries-19 Humphries-20 Humphries-22