Engagement Photography

Ashley & Tanner

When I met Ashley and Tanner and they said they were getting married in October at the gazebo at Natural Tunnel I knew I really wanted to be a part of their wedding. It has always been one of my favorite places in Southwest Virginia to visit and photograph. Lucky for me, they wanted me to be their photographer and we schedule their engagement photos right away.

Their love story is very sweet and it is obvious that they were meant to be together. Including the kids in the session was perfect because family is so important to these two. Of course, the Dodge truck also had be showcased because Tanner drove it when he and Ashley dated in high school.

I don’t want to wish my summer away but I can’t wait for their October wedding!

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Engagement Photography

Christin & David

Christin and David met while working at the same place in Johnson City and it wasn’t long before they knew they belonged together. I can tell how much fun they have together by the goofy photos that did not make it into this blog post.

Our session took place in downtown Kingsport and at Warriors’ Path State Park on a perfect Spring afternoon.

Their June wedding at The Blackthorn Club in Jonesborough, Tennessee will be amazing and I know their future will be full of travel, love and laughter.


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