Sarah: Gate City High School Senior

I loved spending time with Sarah while shooting her and her twin sister’s senior sessions.┬áThe challenge was to make each photo as unique as the girl being photographed and I think we accomplished that. Have a great year, Sarah. The best is yet to come.

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Rachel: GCHS Class of 2016

This beautiful basketball playing Gate City High School senior is also a twin and shooting her and her sister was awesome. Although I did get some photos of them together, I wanted each to have her own experience. I’ll post some of those and with mom and big sister another time. Enjoy your year, Rachel. The future is wide open.

RachelSenior2016-1 RachelSenior2016-2 RachelSenior2016-4 RachelSenior2016-5 RachelSenior2016-6 RachelSenior2016-8 RachelSenior2016-9 RachelSenior2016-13 RachelSenior2016-16 RachelSenior2016-19RachelSenior2016-18 RachelSenior2016-22 RachelSenior2016-23 RachelSenior2016-25 RachelSenior2016-26