Look Who’s 5 & In Kindergarten

I have been taking this little beauty’s photos for three years now and she is a natural in front of the camera. It’s hard to believe that she is going to kindergarten and growing up so quickly. We had a great time at her Weber City Elementary School session and blowing glitter to celebrate her birthday!

Gabbie5-1 Gabbie5-2 Gabbie5-5 Gabbie5-6 Gabbie5-8 Gabbie5-9 Gabbie5-11 Gabbie5-12 Gabbie5-16 Gabbie5-19 Gabbie5-20 Gabbie5-23 Gabbie5-24 Gabbie5-25 Gabbie5-27 Gabbie5-33 Gabbie5-34 Gabbie5-35


Gilliam Family

This unexpected session turned out to be one of the most fun ever! Brenda and Steve, their two sons and their families wanted to shoot at their beautifully landscaped home and it was the perfect choice. I hated that their regular photographer was unwell but I sure did enjoy spending the evening with this family!

Gilliams-1 Gilliams-3 Gilliams-4 Gilliams-5 Gilliams-5a Gilliams-6 Gilliams-12 Gilliams-15 Gilliams-16 Gilliams-17 Gilliams-19 Gilliams-21 Gilliams-22 Gilliams-132 Gilliams-139Gilliams-23 Gilliams-27 Gilliams-32 Gilliams-33 Gilliams-38