Nathan & Chelsea’s July 4th Wedding

I have to admit, I was hesitant to shoot a wedding on July 4th because holidays are usually reserved for family time but I am so glad that I did. This event was such an awesome one – down to every last detail.

Chelsea and Nathan love the 4th of July and Americana so that is why they picked this day for their wedding. Add in some gorgeous handmade quilts by Nathan’s grandmother, quilt pieces for guests to sign, red, white and blue table decorations mixed in with the lovely variety of flowers, and even keepsake hankies in case you shed a tear to make this one of the most beautifully detailed weddings that I have ever seen.

The bride wore American Flag boots while the groom and groomsmen sported matching flag socks. The bride also wore earrings and a bracelet crafted from a four strand pearl necklace that belonged to her great-grandmother. Her mom wore it to her own senior prom but over the years, two of the strands had broken and the pearls sat in a little box waiting for this momentous occasion.

It rained off and on for much of the day but when it came time to say “I do” the sun came out and no one was rained on for the rest of the evening. I don’t think anyone would have minded at all if it had poured!

Venue: Swinging Bridge Farms
Dress: David’s Bridal
Suits: Men’s Warehouse
Flowers: Connie Timmons
Band: The Last Word
Caterer: 2 Smokin Dudes
Cake: Angie White
Hair: The Hair Studio

Nathan&Chelsea-2 Nathan&Chelsea-4 Nathan&Chelsea-5 Nathan&Chelsea-7 Nathan&Chelsea-15 Nathan&Chelsea-842Nathan&Chelsea-17 Nathan&Chelsea-18 Nathan&Chelsea-20 Nathan&Chelsea-21 Nathan&Chelsea-23 Nathan&Chelsea-26 Nathan&Chelsea-30 Nathan&Chelsea-32 Nathan&Chelsea-35 Nathan&Chelsea-36 Nathan&Chelsea-39Nathan&Chelsea-34 Nathan&Chelsea-43 Nathan&Chelsea-45 Nathan&Chelsea-47 Nathan&Chelsea-53 Nathan&Chelsea-56 Nathan&Chelsea-60 Nathan&Chelsea-61Nathan&Chelsea-49 Nathan&Chelsea-63 Nathan&Chelsea-65 Nathan&Chelsea-67 Nathan&Chelsea-70 Nathan&Chelsea-72 Nathan&Chelsea-77 Nathan&Chelsea-78 Nathan&Chelsea-79 Nathan&Chelsea-81 Nathan&Chelsea-84 Nathan&Chelsea-86 Nathan&Chelsea-89 Nathan&Chelsea-91 Nathan&Chelsea-96 Nathan&Chelsea-97 Nathan&Chelsea-100 Nathan&Chelsea-103 Nathan&Chelsea-104 Nathan&Chelsea-107 Nathan&Chelsea-108 Nathan&Chelsea-111 Nathan&Chelsea-113 Nathan&Chelsea-115 Nathan&Chelsea-117 Nathan&Chelsea-119 Nathan&Chelsea-124 Nathan&Chelsea-127 Nathan&Chelsea-129


Four Years Old & Fun

Jessica wanted to do a family session with her 18-month-old and pre-birthday for her cute 4-year-old. We even got the dog to smile for a photo or two. Before this session, I really didn’t know what a GoBot was but now I do. Kids are so smart when it comes to transforming these things! Happy Birthday!

Isaiah4-1 Isaiah4-2 Isaiah4-4 Isaiah4-5 Isaiah4-6 Isaiah4-9 Isaiah4-11 Isaiah4-14 Isaiah4-15 Isaiah4-16 Isaiah4-18 Isaiah4-20 Isaiah4-21 Isaiah4-22 Isaiah4-24 Isaiah4-27 Isaiah4-29 Isaiah4-30 Isaiah4-33