Shirley’s Family

Maranda gave her grandmother the best Christmas gift ever this past year – the gift of memories. She purchased a gift certificate from me and we had the session in mid-June at a beautiful location in Manville, Virginia.

Shirley’s two great-granddaughters were just precious but were most happy when both feet were on the ground. I got my workout for the day trying to keep up with them!

We had a lot of fun and I think you will enjoy their family session.

Shirley's Family-1 Shirley's Family-2 Shirley's Family-3 Shirley's Family-5 Shirley's Family-7 Shirley's Family-9 Shirley's Family-11 Shirley's Family-13 Shirley's Family-14 Shirley's Family-15 Shirley's Family-17 Shirley's Family-18 Shirley's Family-20 Shirley's Family-21 Shirley's Family-22 Shirley's Family-24