Rebecca and Her Girls

Rebecca is the sister of another client and I was so glad that she picked me to shoot her and her two daughters. When she told me that the 5-year-old played the fiddle, I was so ready! Even better, the location for the session was the home of her great grandparents and she wanted her mom and dad in some of the pictures.

Rebecca’s dad knew some of my relatives and it was great┬átalking to him. He told me the story of his relative, Tater Tate, so I googled him and found out that fiddling is in this child’s blood. I can say “I knew her when . . .”

Big sister might not be a fiddler but she sure is a talker! I loved photographing her and know that she’s destined for big things as well. Precocious and beautiful – a great combination! I really enjoyed meeting this family and everything about this session was fun.

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Gavin: Volunteer High School Senior

I’ve known Gavin since he was a little boy when I worked with his mom and photographed him at the annual company picnic. His sister’s Sweet 16 session was one of my early sessions when starting this journey as a professional photographer. When his mom called and said that I was the only photographer that he wanted to take his senior pictures, I was so honored! We visited beautiful Laurel Run Park in Church Hill, TN and he brought his best friend, Blake, to be in a few photos. Congrats, Gavin!

GavinClassof2015-1 GavinClassof2015-2 GavinClassof2015-3

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